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London’s newest FBO

Welcome to the Stobart Jet Centre

We place great emphasis on speed, comfort, convenience and of course, offering a great service.

What we offer:

  • Open 24 hours, seven days a week, 364 days a year
  • Direct ramp access for vehicles
  • Onsite Immigration and Customs with pre-clearance available to qualifying passengers
  • Better departure routes resulting in less flight time and less fuel burn
  • Only 42 miles to central London
  • Helicopter transfers to and from Canary Wharf or Battersea Heliport, reaching Central London in 16 minutes

Comfort is key..

Being able to relax or work before departure is recognised as an important part of providing a seamless service to clients and crew. Our Lounge has been designed to offer all the services that you require whilst on the ground.

  • VIP Lounge with complimentary catering, refreshments and business services
  • Award-winning, 4-star Holiday Inn with late check in/check out availability and preferential rates next to the airport
  • Friendly and professional staff to escort passengers to and from the aircraft
  • Passenger and baggage handling facilities
  • Experience our relaxed and stress-free approach

The need for speed..

Getting to and from the airport is important and Stobart Jet Centre provides a complete range of transport solutions.

  • Get to London in under an hour or to the M25 in 30 minutes with chauffeured car transfers
  • Private helicopter transfers available to/from London heliports
  • London Southend Airport train station just 5 minutes from the FBO
  • Frequent train services to London with a journey time of 45 minutes
  • First class carriages available
  • Trains to London Liverpool Street, via Stratford (For Canary Wharf) and connections to Cross rail (when completed) allowing direct access to Heathrow

Full service support

A complete support for aircraft and crew is essential. Stobart Jet Centre can offer as follows:


  • Fuelling services
  • De-icing
  • Secure aircraft parking
  • Hangarage
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Toilet and water facilities
  • Oxygen refill
  • GPU Passenger steps
  • Push back and air start capability


Relax before and after the flight in our separate crew room where there is access to:

  • On-site sleeping facilities
  • Movement messages sent to aircraft operations team
  • Hotel and ground transportation booking service
  • Ground to air communications
  • Weather and flight planning facilities
  • Private crew lounge with: Complimentary tea, coffee, cold drinks, TV and Computer facilities
  • Award-winning, 4-star Holiday Inn with late check in/check out availability and preferential rates next to the airport
  • Great selection of eating and entertainment in Southend


Stobart Jet Centre offers the unique option of being able to park just a couple of minutes from the Jet Centre doorstep, reducing transit time to just a few minutes; in most cases you should be able to just walk to your


We strive to offer the most competitive landing, parking and handling prices of all London FBO’s. Call or email us for your personalised quote.


Getting there by car:

  • From M25 Junction 29 take the A127 and follow signs for Southend
  • From Central London: Take either the A12 or A13 and follow signs for Southend
  • Follow airport signs once you are near the centre of Southend

If you’re using a satnav our postcode is SS2 6YF. Please be mindful that this postcode takes you to the passenger terminal of London Southend Airport, please be sure to follow signs for the Stobart Jet Centre when you reach Harp House Roundabout by the Holiday Inn.

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